Upbuilding for over 25 Years

Rockfine Group Ltd provide outsourced solutions and investment to entrepreneurs, business owners, and government agencies who need assistance with short and long-term problem solving.

Whatever the obstacle may be, whether it’s developing an effective marketing strategy, sales, finding investment, scaling your business or personal growth, our practical hands on approach will help you achieve the outcome that’s right for you.  

Our international team has worked with companies spanning tourism, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing and believe that our measurable business practices have been fundamental to their success. We have experience developing strategic plan development, recruiting and running boards of directors, web development and direct sales, to name a few. 

At Rockfine, we practice what we preach and know our methods work – we do the stuff we teach! 



Companies Invested

Cups of Coffee per day


We’re passionate about great business ideas. We believe better business are built in a community where investment is more than money. It’s the time, focus and team engagement that create sustainable wealth. We offer access to funding opportunities for entrepreneurs through events and personal introductions as well and presenting exciting opportunities to investors.

Government Contracts

We have worked with government bodies on projects to deliver their desired outcomes. Projects have included the West Midlands Combined Authority Creative Scale up Programme, offering creative businesses targeted support including Access to Finance, Marketing and Branding, Value and Pricing, Intellectual Property and Contract Law and Sales, Pitching and Presenting support helping them scaleup.

Wealth Management

We can offer access to a team of experienced professionals who will help manage your wealth more efficiently and effectively. The Temple Row Wealth Management team deliver a personal approach, tailoring the service to meet your financial needs, giving expertise in savings, investments, financial advice and planning.  Your goals and peace of mind are the forefront of every decision made. 

Mastermind Groups

We believe there’s power in numbers. Especially when you’re up scaling your business – external support is essential. That’s why we value the importance in supporting business owners looking to scale up through peer mentoring. We facilitate groups of like-minded, pre-qualified individuals to learn and grow in a non-competitive environment.  


What else can we help you with?

 Is there something specific you’re looking for assistance with? Fill out the contact form detailing how we can help and a memeber of the team will be in touch.