Bart Dalton

Business Consultant and Dealmaker

Take your Business to the Next Level

Next Level Coaching

B.D. helps businesses build real value, create sustainable growth and win back time to do things they love

Program Facilitator

B.D. works with accelerators and government programs to deliver their desired outcomes


Getting you ready to create your own True Gravity

  B.D. +
Next Level

The greatest sportspeople in the world are on the top of their game and still require a coach to push him or her even further. Whether you are a one-man-band or have a team behind you, B.D. will get you or your whole work force motivated, believing in your ideas and working positively towards the same goal..

Helping you be the Guide, Guru and Gladiator to your clients and ensure they stick with you for life

Accelerating improvements for yourself and your business

Providing outsourced solutions and investment to entrepreneurs, business owners, and government agencies

Wealth designs for business owners

Next Level Consulting

B.D. gives business owners the tools and helps create the platform to get them to the Next Level


B.D. connect ambitious companies to the appropriate funding, partners and support to scale

Wealth Management

Temple Row provides premier and personal Wealth Management services for  established and aspiring affluent and Entrepreneurs.


B.D. Dalton II is the Author of three books and has contributed to publications alongside fellow global thought leaders.

About Bart Dalton

B.D. Dalton, aka ‘The Lazy Over-Achiever’, has over 25 years’ experience in financial and business sectors, building successful businesses on two of the world’s most influential continents: the United States and Europe.

B.D. has continued to grow his businesses, Temple Row Wealth Management and Bart Dalton Consulting. This contributes greatly to his growing knowledge of the business world, allowing him to share his insights and concepts through nationwide speaking engagements, workshops, conferences and coaching.

B.D.’s business nouse can be found in his three published books: True Gravity, Grow, Sell and Retire, and The Assisted Purchase where he shares his logical tried-and-tested strategies and systems. Grow, Sell and Retire has been brought to life in the form of a successful podcast series as well, giving busy commuters an easy way to access the knowledge.

After only our first coaching session with Bart, we’re already buzzing with ideas. Bart has taken our vague and fuzzy thoughts about our business and coalesced them into a clear direction, asking the right questions and challenging in a non-agressive way. I can already see how this is going to help us to hone in on what’s important and stop us wasting time and energy on work that will never bring home the bacon.”


Having worked with B.D. on a number of projects, I can certainly recommend working with him and his team. They make complex problems seem easy, focus on getting results and understand how to get the best out of businesses. Why not contact B.D. and see what he can do for you and your business?

Bart has been completely invaluable to me as the WM Creative Scale Up Programme has continued to grow and gain momentum. His considered advice and support to me have been pivotal – he’s always been there at the end of the phone or email during times of uncertainty and honestly Bart is of one of the first people I would contact now when it comes to looking to move any project forward.

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