Birmingham Enterprise Community

Connecting entrepeneurs and change makers across the globe

The Birmingham Enterprise Community attracted Rockfine due to their focus in areas that overlap with our core values. Independent from banks of government bodies they are passionate about startups and supporting entrepreneurship, helping to make a real difference in the local community. 

Knowing about their work for a while, we eventually came on board after seeing promising growth and now act as a sounding board for the three directors to reevaluate and assess the ways that we can help their growth. Our main focus is to ensure that they are not overfilling their plate and are focusing on activities that adhere to their long term goals. Rockfine associates operate as strategic advisors concentrating on developing revenue streams and effective use of resources to free up time for the directors. 

One of the most successful and enjoyable projects we have worked on with BEC has been the establishment of the 1883 Club. Rockfine ensured that this initiative enabled BEC to monetise the strong community relationships that they had built. 

Due to our international background Rockfine has helped BEC look towards international expansion with a focus on Spanish speaking companies strengthened by our personal connections.

Overall the value that Rockfine adds to BEC is making them stick to a plan, helping them evaluate opportunities, introducing them to potential partners and influencers in the market. Through this work we have helped to contribute to the successful and continued growth of BEC.