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Better Business Faster Decisions

What happens if your next decision is worth a million pounds?  

A key reason that companies get left behind is because of their slow decisions. It disrupts go-to-market plans and prevents the timely implementation of new ideas. To be a winner, you have to stay one step ahead of the competition. And to do that, your business needs to be agile – built like a speedboat, not a giant ship that takes forever to change direction. 

At this invite-only event, we are bringing three globally acclaimed business gurus – Jay Abraham, Dr Alan Barnard and Rich Schefren to give you a Next Level insight on making better and faster decisions. They will also reveal decisions that let the golden opportunity escape for them in the past and what they learnt from it.

1st July | 6-8 PM UK Time | 100 Companies


The Science of Decision Making

How leaders can make bad decisions but still come back from them and be successful; applying the mindsets and methods of the hard sciences to the “soft” science of analysing, improving and managing organisations.   Led by Dr Alan Barnard.


Making decisions in realtime

Engage in a group activity using the Harmony app. The harmony app guides users through the 5 step ProConCloud process. Users can share their decision analysis and implementation status with stakeholders and access a community library to learn from each other.

Agenda for the day

Make better and faster decisions

Learn PROVEN methods that none of your competition knows for multiplying your company’s profit performance — WITHOUT increasing your Costs, Resources Or Risk!


The Agenda

Agenda is to be confirmed

Jay Abraham

The $21 Billion man and world’s highest paid marketing consultant. Jay’s unique approach to business strategy consulting has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients worldwide.

Dr Alan Barnard

One of the world’s leading Decision Scientist and Theory of Constraints experts. Alan, a serial entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of Goldratt Research Labs. Alan has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Rich Schefren

Widely recognised as an Internet marketing pioneer and one of the world’s top experts on online business strategy. Rich has been on a mission to turn struggling seekers into profitable entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s competition, concerns, market challenges, or broken business models your organization may be struggling with, our boots-on-the-ground insights and guidance from “The Guru’s Guru,” will make an immediate impact.









Hosted by BD Dalton

Associate at The Rockfine Group

B.D. Dalton, aka ‘The Lazy Over-Achiever’, will bring his 25 years’ experience in financial and business sectors, building successful businesses on two of the world’s most influential continents: the United States and Europe. The session is completely virtual with businesses from across the globe participating. Join us to broaden your network and take your business to the Next Level

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