Books and Publications

Sometimes finding the right nugget of inspiration happens outside business hours or somewhere away from your desk.  Here are some resources to inspire and motivate you in your business journey.

The Assisted Purchase

Bestselling Author, B.D. Dalton II’s third book, The Assisted Purchase, will show you, it is possible to build an amazing business and attract a torrent of customers and clients without selling. Amazing right!?

Grow, Sell and Retire

Grow, Sell and Retire, the Amazon Bestseller, delivers a refreshingly honest look at the real value of your business, what prospective buyers are willing to pay for and what they won’t.

True Gravity

Million Dollar Ideas To Create A Network For Fun, Profit & Amazing Experiences

Sales Genius #2

Sales Genius 2 delivers smartcuts on branding, lead generation, sales techniques, sales training, marketing and sales from 20 top worldwide sales professionals who share their savviest thinking on winning more customers and driving revenues.

Retire Insp!re 1

B.D. Dalton has collaborated alongside 22 thought leaders from across the globe, creating Retire Insp!re 1. This handbook shares the collective wisdom of experts, giving you the advice and smart-cuts you need to retire, the right way.


Mike Pagan is on a mission to make Busyness simple.  The false art of feeling fulfilled – making business profitable. Are you great at what you do, but put obstacles in your own way?
Then this book is for you!