Business leaders out to generate growth despite the recession have benefitted from the launch of Rockfine X, the new impactful peer-based programme from development specialists Rockfine Group.

Rockfine, who specialise in mentoring business leaders to achieve greater success, have set up Rockfine X, which has seen like-minded companies gather for the first time to discuss ways they can shape growth plans against the backdrop of the challenging economic environment.

The first Rockfine X cohort met in central Birmingham to take part in a launch event led by BD Dalton, Strategic Director for Rockfine Group.

Rockfine X is designed to help committed business leaders accelerate plans for significant growth, while making a big impact in their sector or region and building new employment opportunities despite the impact of the UK recession.

Shared knowledge

Key topics will be covered through the annual programme including sales, marketing, leadership and people management, to enable cohort members to thrive.

The process has been designed around the international Rockfine team’s experiences of building successful businesses and their knowledge of the struggles and successes encountered.

Open to West Midlands businesses in all industries aiming for annual turnover of £500,000 to £5m, it offers sales-focussed coaching along with support on key issues with learning with peer cohorts.

Among those to attend the opening session on Tuesday (15 Nov) was Gary Simpson, who has worked for 35 years in manufacturing and recruitment, holding numerous directorships.

He said: “Rockfine X provides a place where peers give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and set up an accountability system that keeps you focused and on track. You will gain tremendous insights, which will help improve your business and personal life.

“In a real way, Rockfine X is like having an objective and supportive board of directors. I’m looking forward to growing with the rest of the group through 2023.”

Trusted cohort

BD Dalton, Strategic Director for Rockfine Group, said Rockfine X would help companies “become high growth, high value businesses”. He said: “It was great to be in a room filled with energy, support and experience as Rockfine X kicked off to help leaders of growing companies overcome the obstacles to business growth.

“Our first group were able to discuss how they can increase sales and profitability to make their business top revenue line become their bottom-line profit figure in the near future. We also looked at ways of increasing exposure to new sales networks through a trusted cohort, where peers were able to discuss issues openly and challenge previous thinking.

“We look forward to building on the success of the first session as Rockfine X grows in the months ahead.”

Each year, Rockfine X will offer 10 monthly meetings, two group events, 10 individual coaching sessions, select special invites to connectivity events and a community online platform for information sharing.

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