Every business leader can benefit from the support of a Rockfine Group coach to unlock the financial opportunities they deserve.

Here at development specialists Rockfine Group, we specialise in mentoring to achieve greater success.

We believe that while a standard entrepreneur can make an impact, an entrepreneur with a coach can get to a much higher level – fast.

Our financial coaching helps individuals and businesses improve their situation, no matter where they are on their personal or company journey.

We have a strong track record in delivering a range of coaching programmes for managing directors and CEOs, with coaches who can have a wide range of positive effects on people’s lives.

Our mission is to build a community where investment is more than just money. We want sustainable growth for all entrepreneurs and businesses through injections of expertise, energy and relationships.

As well as providing insights which improve profitability and the bottom line, the benefits of Rockfine coaching include boosts to self-confidence, enhanced work performance, better relationships and greater communication skills. 

Research on the impact of coaching shows business leaders regularly say that not only have they recovered the money they invested but many improved their jobs and lives by creating an essential sense of accomplishment. 

Our Rockfine Value Multiplier (RVM) measures the value of a trusted human advisor’s technical and emotional advice. 

Our personal financial coaching is tailored to individuals or couples depending on their life stage, whether they have sole proprietorship, are an entrepreneur or lead corporations. 

With many business owners afraid to ask to resolve their impending perplexities, Rockfine provide personal and financial coaching for business leaders at all levels, specialising in supporting small-to-medium enterprises (SME). 

High performing programmes from Rockfine, based around our RVM, provide these eight value multiplying financial effects for SMEs and entrepreneurs:

  1. A personalised financial strategy: RVM creates a strategic wealth creation plan that leverages your competitive edge to begin financial coaching. It will be meticulously engineered over weeks, creating a wealth roadmap, so you know exactly where you are headed and are in control. 
  2. Clarity on where your money is going: We provide a comprehensive plan of actions in which SMEs owners can get detailed information about their financial transactions and entries. 
  3. Overcome your fear of handling finances: We offer complete financial tools that specify the businesses’ financial transactions and avoid major discrepancies. 
  4. Understand factors that affect your credit score: We give you a market-based understanding that provides meaningful solutions to the credit recovery and maintenance of financial resources. 
  5. Reduce Mistakes: Working with the RVM coach, you may avoid costly mistakes and procrastination by brainstorming and vetting ideas. At the same time, your coach’s own experiences can be invaluable; the experience of hundreds of clients who have walked the same journey before you can be even more valuable to you as a collaborator. 
  6. Debt analysis: RVM delivers a detailed analysis of debt-ridden enterprises and provides significant solutions to overcome debt burdens. 
  7. Consistent Results: It’s not enough to have a strategy. You must also keep working toward your goal. The RVM’s weekly accountability keeps you on track, so procrastination and other life distractions don’t get in the way of your progress. You consistently produce better results because you put in more effort each week. 
  8. Future financial plans and Benchmarking: We provide our clients with complete future financial plans in order to execute well and perform in lucrative manners.

We can help you realise all these benefits and more.

Rockfine make it happen for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to get to the next level.

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