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Through discerning, relevant questions and honest measured information, The Launch Package gives you a workable snap-shot of your business. These tried and tested concepts visually articulate your business, offering an accurate depiction of the level it’s currently at, and how you can transition to the next level.

This is not just a paper-pushing exercise. Working alongside experienced consultants from the Rockfine team and using our hands-on thinking tools, you will uncover vulnerabilities in your business and clearly determine investment areas not delivering effectively to accomplish your goals. Expert perspective will help you gain clarity and understanding of the mechanisms of your business whilst honing in on weak areas.

Through this process, you will gain the confidence to move your business to the next level. Take steps now to make the positive change that will improve business today and give you peace of mind and security for tomorrow.

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Why purchase the Launch Package?

  • Visual thinking tools will declutter your mind and give a clear breakdown of the building blocks that make up your business
  • What would happen if your sales team quit or if a business partner dies? The future of your business is secured by preparing for a worst-case scenario
  • Articulate your goals and tactics, setting workable strategies ensuring you achieve them
    • Identify obstacles that are holding you back and formulate a plan to knock them down
    • Methods to measure results or ROI in various business areas or stream
    • Setting you on a clear path, to achieving your goals and improving your business

    Launch Package – £2500 + VAT

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    “It’s more than just answering a questionnaire; the Launch Package has given us valuable insight into our business to enable us to focus on new revenue streams.”

    Brian Todd, Managing Director, donorflex


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