Mike pagan

Executive Coach and Mastermind Groups

Unlocking the Mental

Weath of a business

Business Coaching

With Mike’s support you will transform to not only reflect your passion for your business but fully realise it.

Pitch Perfect Practice

Through a focus on pitching, presenting, and performing he leads the businesses he helps to deliver their $1m pitch.


Being memorable for the right reasons when you


Mike Pagans’ approach is centred around honest, open, and direct feedback which people may see as blunt, yet all his work is tailored to reflect the needs of the client. Through a focus on pitching, presenting, and performing he leads the businesses he helps to deliver their $1m pitch.

Strategic development and long-term direction

Improving executive gravitas in the boardroom

Procrastination and distraction from the business vision

Facilitation and management through peer support and mastermind groups

Unlock Mental Wealth

Achieve positive mental wealth through strong support network and by unlocking significant performance improvements

Business Coaching

Working with entrepreneurial small businesses through to ‘C’ grade board members and partners



Pitching Support

Mike has trained over a 100 companies to Pitch with Confidence at The BullRing Entrepreneurs Showcase

Mastermind Groups

Mike speaks on performance in business, he challenges individuals to take ownership and responsibility for their successes and failures.

About Mike Pagan

Mike is a professional conference speaker, facilitator and communication coach specialising in increasing performance and productivity while building the right support network.

He talks on crucial business issues such as developing a Wealth Management Team, ‘Stop Faffing About’, Working in Isolation and Clients are for Life not just for Profit.

As one of Europe’s leading speakers, Mike delivers motivational keynote speeches that are dynamic and inspiring, and after attending a Mike Pagan conference or course, your delegates will leave feeling entertained, exhilarated and highly motivated

“Mike brought tremendous value to the WMCA’s Creative Scale-Up programme. He went well beyond teaching us how to create and deliver pitch material. Ultimately, his involvement created the conduit to a personal and entrepreneurial connection with the learning experience, coalescing all the knowledge into something we could feel, and articulate.”


“When you and your business intersect with Mike it is truly transformative. What I’ve learned from Mike in terms of relationship selling and how to present my business to clients had a significant positive impact on the way we do things. I cannot recommend Mike highly enough.”

I have had the up most pleasure of being coached by Mike Pagan, he really knows his stuff. His workshops are always engaging, informative and in my case transformative. When you gain transformative results you know it’s an amazing workshop. I would highly recommend working with, or attending Mike Pagan’s workshops or conferences

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