Red Earth Pots

Red Earth Pots specialises in the importing of handmade garden pottery from Indonesia. 

Nearly overnight, the simple product range was increased through a joint venture with an Italian company resulting in more than 60 pallets of new pots and garden accessories just before the Spring tradeshow.

To support the sales of the extended range the website needed to be upgraded and a catalogue and online sales process created.

Michelle Dalton took the lead, first working with the warehouse and logistics manager to create a unique identifier code for each range and individual product.  This system took time and required testing with the logistic teams to ensure easy, and accurate, product identification and selection when requested.

The next step was working with the design and photography teams to articulate the visual goals and brand, telling the story through the images. This was particularly tricky with the short springtime daylight hours and limited budget for floral props.  But in true gorilla-marketing fashion Michelle got the warehouse team involved in fetching pots, getting them cleaned up and prepped, and ably moving.

The building of the website and the catalogue were started simultaneously to ensure consistency in the messages and imagery. Quite a lot of work was required to accurately check all of the products were included in the catalogue along with all of the size and colour options. 

Michelle also created some additional marketing flyers to support the sales team in their meetings with garden centres and distributors, and a snapshot form with the BOGOY offers to facilitate the first big sales push.

 Lastly, the company now had a need to reach a wider, online audience and engaged Michelle to create their Amazon shop front and product range.  This included a process of establishing the company as a verified seller and building the cross-links on similar products in the range.  The online sales really took off after a big push to customers to leave product and company reviews.

 “The Directors hired Michelle to run the marketing side of integrating the new product line for Red Earth Pots,” notes Andrew Knight, Director and Owner at Red Earth Pots, Ltd.  “We have been thrilled with the new branding, website and catalogue, and have asked her to assist us on our exhibition stand at Spring Fair to continue promoting the products and building new supplier relationships.


Michelle has a unique ability to create marketing to support the sales team and assist them to find “their voice” on how to tell the company’s story.  She has been an asset and we will continue to work with her on future product line integrations and marketing.”