aio* is rocking the world of expenses, revolutionising the experience for companies and their employees. aio* is an expense card given to a work team, so they have access to cash, whenever they need it. This instantly eliminates the need for approval before every spend (and also reduces the pen pushing accounting that comes with it!)  With the real time banking data, a pre-set budget and an accurate overview of expenditure, keeping on top of company expenses has never been simpler.

Rockfine is investing sweat equity in aio*, helping build this business and it’s sales funnel. B.D. Dalton has been working closely with the aio* team, working towards the overall development of this business.  “We are attracted to disruptive technologies and passionate business owners.” – B.D. Dalton.  Rockfine have a real passion for innovative products and services that will shape the future for businesses.

The Rockfine team first met James Hanlon, Founder of aio*, and the team at a BullRing session. Seeing the service brought to life during James’ pitch ignited conversations, and was the beginning of an exciting venture. B.D. says “After meeting James and the team at the BullRing session, we were excited by the impact aio* will have on so many sectors.”

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