BD Dalton and Piers Linney

One of the founders of business development specialists Rockfine Group has shared his advice on scaling up an enterprise during an interview with Dragons’ Den TV star Piers Linney

Director B.D. Dalton of Birmingham-based Rockfine Group, who specialise in mentoring business leaders to grow their companies rapidly, drew upon his experience in wealth management and scaling up companies when he was interviewed for the latest episode of podcast Business As Usual. 

In the podcast series, former Dragon on the hit BBC TV show Piers Linney interviews experts to “help tackle some of the pressing issues affecting business owners”.

As an entrepreneur, wealth manager and author with more than 25 years of experience in business and finance, B.D. has extensive experience having worked in large companies and set up multiple businesses, including Rockfine Group, Temple Row Wealth Management and Bart Dalton Consulting.

In the Business As Usual interview, published by Moblox, B.D. offers practical advice on shaping a business around an entrepreneur’s life plans, the options for exiting a business upon selling and the perils of Lottery winners who fail to curtail their living costs.

“Wealth for me is about the experiences or what you can pass to your family and share,” said B.D. “Money is no good otherwise. Wealth is how you spend it and enjoy it.”

Through Rockfine, B.D. is the co-founder of The BullRing Club, which showcases start-ups looking for investment, in a format which lends upon the Dragons Den format to allow scale up businesses to share their progress with knowledgeable experts. He is also involved in Birmingham Enterprise Community as a mentor.

On Birmingham Enterprise Community raising the opportunities for West Midlands scale up businesses, B.D. explained: “Investment gets very disparate outside of London. Everybody has very good intentions but it is a challenge to get people the best opportunities to access investment and capital, which is what we are there to help them do.”

Founded by former Dragons Den investor and technology entrepreneur Piers, Moblox is billed as “building the tech and tools platform for owner-led businesses”. The company says: “We aim to help our members unlock the potential of their business, increase productivity and free up time to do those other important things.”

Having enjoyed a successful career in finance and business, Piers was a Dragon on the BBC TV series from 2013 to 2015. With regular appearances as a business pundit on TV, he appeared in Channel 4 series The Secret Millionaire in 2011, going undercover into a Young Offenders Institution.