Creative Tech is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, providing exciting new possibilities in its collaborative nature that builds on the UK’s reputation for creativity and technology 

As an emerging industry which relies on cross sector innovation, targeted support is required to guide its development. The Elevate Creative Tech Scale Up Programme is providing growth support to Creative Tech SEMs be reviewing processes, improving productivity and examining sector specific barriers to growth.

Examining these factors allows the programme to build growth plans for traditionally creative companies which incorporate technology into key areas such as supply chains, customer experience or product delivery.

Rockfine is uniquely situated to support this programme by bringing our experience of creating cross sector business opportunities. Our history of building innovative opportunities between financial services companies and incorporating them into historically creative businesses such as interior design and media companies. The expertise of our core associates enables us to host targeted, engaging and informative workshops whilst the 1:1 business coaching provides invaluable mentoring.

Receiving sector specific support is one of the key ways that companies can secure their growth, especially in a quickly developing areas where new opportunities are constantly appearing due to investor interest. The connections that programmes such as Elevate and companies like Rockfine can make for these SME’s help them get to the next level.

As the Creative Tech sector continues to develop it creates new opportunities for cross sector innovation that, with the right guidance, could take local companies to a national or even international scale.

Some of the companies that Rockfine are supporting on the Elevate Creative Tech Scale Up programme include: F8 Creates EML Team, Pactivate Ltd, Gosh! TV, Herlig Architecture, Collar & Tie, Split Second Research, Music Industry Group and Glideology.