Leading management consultancy Rockfine Group made the BBC TV news over the latest changes to the Covid-19 rules for businesses.

Business strategy specialists Rockfine, based in Colmore Circus, Queensway, were featured on Midlands Today programme and the BBC News website to discuss the impact on their business.

People in England should start working at home again if they can, the UK government said, under plans to tackle the spread of the Omicron variant.

Some venues and events could be legally required to check the Covid status of visitors over 18 from Wednesday.

Rockfine, which provides support services to allow West Midlands entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, hosted a BBC TV team who filmed colleagues at work as they prepare to follow the new guidelines.

The BBC News website report says: Michelle Dalton, from Rockfine Group Ltd, heads up a firm of management consultants helping businesses who are looking to find new revenue streams.

She stated the government was “giving us the flexibility to make the best decision for our team and for our business” and the company would have a work-from-home arrangement from Tuesday.

Ms Dalton said while home working reduces virus transmission “we also have to balance that with the wellbeing of our employees… and then the needs of the business to have team working together, sharing ideas effectively”.

Rockfine Group project executive Georgia Greenburgh is prepared to do what it takes to avoid another a lockdown.

She said: “[This] time we will hopefully have some kind of like social interaction, it’s not just like being trapped in your house again, so yeah not much resentment.

“I like understand that we have to do [it]. It’s just frustrating more than anything, it’s just like constantly stopping and starting in what’s meant to be like [an] exciting time of your life.”

After the TV appearance, Michelle Dalton said: “It was great exposure to be featured by the BBC TV news team, not just to showcase Rockfine as a business but to share our perspective as a city centre company having to adapt to the latest rules. We are very grateful to our colleagues and partners in supporting our efforts to keep staff safe while continuing to deliver high quality services during these challenging times.”

Link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-59641834