Rockfine Value Multiplier

The greatest sportspeople in the world are on the top of their game and still require a coach to push him or her even further. Whether you are a one-man-band or have a team behind you, the team at Rockfine will get you and your whole workforce motivated, believing in your ideas and working positively towards the same goal.

    What is Rockfine Value Multiplier

    The Rockfine Value Multiplier is a tool that quantifies the contribution that the technical and emotional guidance a trusted human advisor can offer. The formula we created is designed to categorise the areas of value creation in a repeatable and memorable way.

    Annual Benchmarking

    Many SME business owners underestimate the value of annual benchmarking and reviewing their plans.

    Behavioral Mistakes

    An Advisor helps you make more money or stop a huge mistake, of taking investment or merging for the wrong reasons.

    Coordination of a professional team

    The more coordinated and specific we are, the better outcomes and savings we create for all.

    Planning and maintaining focus

    Good companies move from reactive to proactive and then even better to intentionality are adept at planning.

    Basic Package

    Limited focused interaction from the Rockfine team over time slowly.

    Accelerated Package

    We are excited but will only implement half of the ideas we design.

    Next Level Package

    Lets do this! We are going to make this year our foundation for success.

    Discover your possibilities with the

    Rockfine Value Multiplier

    The Rockfine Enhancement

    By creating a working partnership we bring our energy, constant curiosity and broad insights to each project, and diligently seek the most streamlined return on everyone’s investment

    We want sustainable growth to be achieved for all entrepreneurs and businesses through injections of expertise, energy and relationships.

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    Driven by the belief that we can use our experience to drive market value, Rockfine Group is building engagement with business owners, present and future, focused on sustainable growth through injections of expertise, energy and relationships