Build the ultimate executive board, sales team and support syndicate for your next-level growth with Rockfine X

Is your business ready to accelerate to the next level? Don’t get stuck in the slow lane when you can fly, backed by a dream board line-up, best in field sales support and an enhanced support network, all brought to you by Rockfine X.

Ambitious business leaders looking to hit new heights can get there with Rockfine X, the new high impact peer-based growth programme led by business development specialists Rockfine Group.

Delivering exceptional UK business development support programmes, Rockfine X is the intersection of four key drivers for Geometric Growth: geometric business coaching, peer engagement, sales systems and elite network building.

Leadership life is always challenging so the day-to-day grind may be getting in the way of you achieving your big goals. Your Rockfine X Group will unleash your potential through Connection, Collaboration, Support, Inspiration and Guidance. Rockfine X will be the next-level peer to peer Accelerator for your business.

Rockfine X is not for business leaders who want to drop in and drop out from involvement. It is designed to help committed business leaders fast-track their plans to generate significant growth, while making a big impact in their sector or region and building new employment opportunities amid the post-pandemic recovery.

Activate High Growth Programme

How peer-based growth accelerates your business


Don’t take our word for it. Leading an organisation can be a tough job but joining a CEO peer group can accelerate your learning curve on your way to becoming a better leader. Business experts identify 10 reasons why peer to peer groups can benefit a leader.

These include holding your performance accountable to a group of like-minded peers, fast tracked learning from other business leaders, taking the time to look ahead, sharing ideas in a safe zone, networking opportunities with relatable colleagues and growing your understanding of how to scale up.

How Rockfine will lead the way

The Rockfine X process has been designed specifically from our international team’s experiences of building successful businesses and the struggles and successes we gained making it all happen. Led by these practical and experienced facilitators, your formal group gives structure to learning, interaction and accountability to you and your goals.

Rockfine will interview and select the best blend of sector agnostic decision makers, who are visible in their field and on social media. We will select connected candidates who can be blended to form a coachable cohort group, consisting of leaders who will add value at every stage.


Who will accelerate with Rockfine X?

Rockfine Group, who specialise in mentoring business leaders to achieve greater success, are ready to respond to sign-ups for the Rockfine X package, which is open to businesses:


aiming for annual turnover of £500,000 to £5m


operating in all industries


looking to benefit from sales-focussed coaching


along with support on key issues


and opportunities for networking and learning with peer cohorts


What you will get from Rockfine X

Your 12-month focus will include:

10 monthly meetings
two group events per year
10 individual coaching sessions

select special invites to connectivity events


a community online platform for information sharing

Why you should join

B.D. Dalton, Strategic Director for Rockfine Group, said Rockfine X is aimed at companies “on a journey to become high growth, high value businesses”. He said: “We are looking to accelerate the more aspirational company leaders who have strong concepts and value propositions and who are ready to take the next step on their journey while learning and supporting peers. If you have ever said I am too busy, Rockfine X is for you.

“The leaders of growing companies need support to overcome the obstacles in their way as they grow through each stage of business growth. Learning as part of a group of peers will help shape a growth plan, based on Rockfine’s expert support, while developing the solid foundation to deal with common obstacles as they grow their high growth enterprise to become increasingly profitable and sustainable.”

Testimonials from Rockfine cohort members

“Working with B.D. and the Rockfine team has given us priceless support on growing a new business which has enabled us to take practical steps forward in our journey. Plain speaking yet thoughtful about the main challenges that need to be overcome, Rockfine are always positive about the opportunities to make progress month on month.”

Chris Leggett, Osborn Communications

“I now feel like our business has a more meaningful direction. I can now see a clear path through the fog. It’s great to get an outsider’s perspective because working inside your own business can make you too short-sighted and focussed either too narrowly or on the wrong thing. I was surprised about the benefits I’d get from our interactions.

Dr Eamon Fulcher, Split Second Research

“Consultation with BD Dalton has given me clarity and cut through all my waffle around pricing and packaging up what we offer. I highly recommend BD.”

Rachel Conlisk, Creative Active Lives CIC

Find out more

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Or you can email Rockfine Strategic Director B.D. Dalton –  [email protected]