Getting the support of a coach should be top of every entrepreneur and business leader’s ‘to-do’ list to capitalise on every opportunity awaiting them. 

Here at development specialists Rockfine Group, we specialise in mentoring to achieve greater success.

We believe that while a standard entrepreneur can make an impact, an entrepreneur with a coach can get to a much higher level – fast.

Our track record in delivering a range of coaching programmes for managing directors and CEOs shows how coaches have a wide range of positive effects on people’s lives.

As well as providing insights which impact profitability and the bottom line, the benefits include improved self-confidence, improved work performance, better relationships, and better communication skills. 

Research on the impact of coaching shows business leaders regularly say that they have recovered the money they spent on coaching. 

Rockfine provides personal and financial coaching for business leaders at all levels, specialising in supporting small-to-medium enterprises (SME). 

Our Rockfine Value Multiplier (RVM) measures the value of a trusted human advisor’s technical and emotional advice. 

High performing programmes from Rockfine, based around our RVM, overcome these SEVEN common fears about the impact of advice from a trusted coaching partner:

1 Time waste
The biggest concern of business owners is time waste. Due to time constraints, entrepreneurs desire assurances. Coaching with Rockfine entails ensuring every engagement is meaningful, with compact, in-depth sessions giving maximum return on time.

2 Fear of unknown
A good coach will immediately become a confidante of a business leader, speaking in a relatable way while offering insights which hit home with each participant. At Rockfine we speak your language and provide ways of thinking which are radical but clear.

3 Fear of failure
Every leader is worried they may fall short when it matters most. As coaches who have worked at high levels for large companies and been the main lynchpin of smaller operations, we have the tactics and strategies to help you develop.

4 Element beyond their controls
When you are answerable for the performance of your company, control is important. At Rockfine we understand this and give clear direction on the coaching programme. Our Rockfine Value Multiplier (RVM) is an antidote to owners’ rising fears and anxiety and provides market-based and evaluation-based solutions to contemporary problems.

5 Making a major mistake
Fear of the unknown is natural but having a defined objective for skill development in a coaching relationship ensures that the coaching is efficient and targeted. Our Coaches can use coaching software to help their employees improve their communication, delegation, conflict management and team- building skills.

6 Talk a big game then fail to show up
Openness to risk pays off in a Rockfine coaching environment where constructive feedback fosters a productive work atmosphere where concerns are addressed head-on and positive solutions are implemented. Rockfine coaching participants feel valued when they push themselves to new standards, supporting by experts in their fields. Working with the RVM coach, you may avoid costly mistakes and procrastination by brainstorming and vetting ideas. At the same time, your coach’s own experiences can be invaluable.

7 Failing to scale
Rockfine’s RVM works to established goals for SMEs, who can execute agreed plans to achieve goals. We want sustainable growth for all entrepreneurs and businesses through injections of expertise, energy and relationships. We can contribute our enthusiasm, continual curiosity, and broad perspectives to each project by forming a working partnership. We can work together to find the most efficient way to maximise everyone’s investment return.

Regardless of which of the seven barriers to success you are looking to overcome, we can help. 

Rockfine make it happen for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to get to the next level.

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