The BullRing Club – Virtual Entrepreneurs Showcase

“It was like a show where the entrepreneur is the star and the pitch is possibly the performance worth a million pounds.”
“The BullRing team and the Bulls gave us amazing opportunities for exposure and funding”
We want the BullRing to make entrepreneurship seem exciting, without the illusion of simplicity.

Watch some of the most exciting startups compete to give the best pitch to our panel of experts and investors!

About this Event
This is our real-life answer to popular TV shows like Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. The sessions present a number of exciting, pre-qualified companies seeking investment, pitching their ventures in front of a panel of leading figures in business. They will offer their business nous on the pitches and engage in a Q&A session. The BullRing boasts a fantastic show-like atmosphere, proving to be entertaining as well and educational, offering the opportunity to network and, possibly, make the deal of a lifetime!

Why should you attend?
Learn about the some of the most exciting startups from around the world
Hear real-time feedback and learn from industry experts
Join the discussion, cast your vote and ask questions

Our past Bulls
Spencer Crossley – Founding Member of Warner Bros Entertainment
Steve Smith – Founder of Poundland
Alan Clayton – Global Mentor at SOSV
Alan Barratt – Founder of Grenade
Chris Deering – Former president at Sony Europe

Each business will have 5 minutes to pitch their business
Our panel provide feedback and asks each founder questions
Join in the discussion in our chat window
Vote if you found the company to be investable or not!

Entrepreneurship is all about making sure that you can engage people! We boast a large audience consisting of entrepreneurs, investors, and the general public which makes our live session really informative and entertaining at the same time.