How IP can go straight to the bottom line and take your business to its next level.

“We had wasted so much time on amazing things. What do we do with them now?”

As the founder of a forward-thinking technology and services company, my primary passion has always been to pioneer innovative solutions and drive growth. Over the years, our company has amassed a valuable portfolio of intellectual property (IP) with the potential to disrupt multiple industries. However, faced with the constraints of limited resources and an unwavering commitment to our core mission, we’ve grappled with a pressing challenge: How can we effectively commercialize our existing IP without diverting too much time and resources? The solution to this challenge has come from within our own ranks, as we’ve developed a strategic approach that leverages our unique strengths.

Maximising Our Multi-Industry Perspective:

What sets our company apart is our innate ability to envision the diverse applications of our IP across a wide range of industries. This unique perspective is a product of our multidisciplinary team, which includes individuals with backgrounds in technology, services, and entrepreneurship. We’ve been able to identify potential applications of our tech-focused IP in industries ranging from fintech and logistics to healthcare and artificial intelligence. This expansive thinking has unlocked exciting opportunities that we hadn’t previously explored.

Harnessing Our Team’s Experience:

Our team comprises individuals with extensive experience in leading various aspects of multinational corporations. This wealth of knowledge enables us to navigate complex business landscapes, forge strategic alliances, and identify untapped markets. When it comes to the intricacies of IP commercialization, our team’s expertise in negotiations, market analysis, and regulatory compliance proves invaluable. We understand the nuances of different industries and can tailor our strategies accordingly.

Efficiency and Resource Management:

One of our primary concerns when contemplating IP commercialization was the allocation of resources. We were aware that traditional approaches often demanded significant investments of time, manpower, and capital. To address this, we developed an efficient, resource-conscious approach. By leveraging our existing network and resources, we’ve managed to execute our IP commercialization strategies with minimal drain on our resources. This approach ensures that we can maintain our focus on our core business activities.

Accelerating Growth Through Collaboration:

To expedite the commercialization of our IP, we’ve sought out collaborative opportunities within our network of industry leaders, investors, and startups. These partnerships and collaborations have proven to be invaluable in unlocking new revenue streams and expanding our reach. By participating in industry-specific accelerators and innovation programmes, we gain exposure to potential partners and investors, further accelerating our growth.

Balancing Our Priorities:

Perhaps the most significant advantage of our strategic approach to IP commercialization is the ability to enhance our bottom line without losing sight of our core mission. Our team takes the lead in the IP commercialization process, freeing us to focus on what we do best—innovating and growing our business. This strategic balance ensures that our core objectives remain our top priority while we reap the rewards of our IP.

For companies with valuable intellectual property, the decision to commercialize that IP can be a daunting one. However, by developing a strategic approach that leverages your team’s expertise and a multi-industry perspective, you can unlock the full potential of your IP, enhance your bottom line, and expand your reach—all while staying true to your core mission. This strategic focus on IP commercialization has proven to be a game-changer for our company, and it can do the same for yours.

This is why Rockfine Group have brought together a team of professionals that helped us deliver our successes and work for our clients. Contact to start your journey to get your underused IP working for you.

B.D. Dalton, Rockfine strategic director