True Gravity

The Practice of Creating Stellar business

A Book By Bart (BD) Dalton II


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Learn How To Create True Gravity

Build Your Perfect Solar System For A Happier, Wealthier and Better Life

Learn To Harness The Powerful Principles of Time, Energy, and Focus

Get Motivated & Find Your Ultimate “Why”

Build Your Perfect Hunting Pack To Craft Your Ideal Team

Manage Asteroids Which Throw You Off Track

Dominate The Ruling Principles of True Gravity

Remove Soul-Sucking ‘Black Holes’ From Your Life

Establish Flow and Focus in Your Life

Learn How To Find & Connect With The RIGHT People

Meet the author

Bart (B.D.) Dalton II is a financial guru and author of “True Gravity”.

The Practice of Creating Stellar Business”. “True Gravity” tells the story of his challenges and lessons learned, which have allowed him develop proven systems to create powerful business and personal networks.

When not helping others in his network achieve rapid and long-lasting success, Bart loves spending time with his family, coaching water polo with his kids, playing golf, speaking as an entrepreneur at conferences and speaking engagements, and watching Real Madrid soccer games. If you’d like Bart to speak to your group or team, contact him below.

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