Ambitious Worcestershire businesses are being offered the chance to get expert support to grow through a free programme delivered by business development specialists Rockfine Group.

Rockfine Group, who specialise in mentoring business leaders to achieve greater success, are seeking applicants for the High Growth Activate Programme, which is open to businesses up to two years old in all industries who plan to achieve 20% increases in year on year revenue growth for three years.

The High Growth Activate programme, run on behalf of Enterprising Worcestershire, is not sector specific and is open to entrepreneurs with strong business ideas who want to achieve their high growth potential.

Through High Growth Activate, each business will get one-to-one business coaching with experienced mentors who have launched successful businesses, with whom they will work to create an implementable three year growth plan as well as receiving advice on securing grant funding.

The programme is open to any company based in Worcestershire in any sector which has been trading for up to two years and has potential for high growth. To qualify, 70% of applicant’s revenues should be from the business to business (B2B) market, the business must have the potential to do things differently and plan to achieve a 20 per cent increase in year-on-year revenue.

With new companies needing support to overcome the obstacles in their way as they grow, the High Growth Activate programme offers an extensive range of business support interventions. The programme consists of regular, topical workshops from a host of experienced speakers, along with one-to-one and peer sessions with like-minded business leaders.

The workshop topics will include financial management, growing your team, managing multiple revenue streams and pitching your business, all covered by experts with professional experience and connections.

Covering key areas which can shape high growth businesses, quality cohort guidance will be delivered and matched by practical advice on the learnings to implement. Specialist advisors will be available to work with businesses on specific areas such as people development, HR, marketing and finance.

Business leaders taking part will follow in the footsteps of companies to benefit from previous Rockfine programmes. Among those to grow on the back of Rockfine support is Worcester-based cutting-edge research company Split Second Research.

Co-founder Dr Eamon Fulcher said his business has “a more meaningful direction” on the back of Rockfine’s support. He said: “I can now see a clear path through the fog. It is great to get an outsider’s perspective because working inside your own business can make you too short-sighted and focussed either too narrowly or on the wrong thing.”

High Growth Activate has been launched on behalf of Enterprising Worcestershire to help Worcestershire high growth SMEs accelerate toward success. High Growth Activate is backed by the European Regional Development Fund with support from the European Union, Worcestershire County Council and regional growth body Midlands Engine.

BD Dalton, Strategic Director for Rockfine Group, said High Growth Activate is aimed at young companies “with the potential to become high growth, high value businesses”.

He said: “New companies need support to overcome the obstacles in their way as they grow through the early stages of business growth so we offer an amazing package of support. Creating a three-year growth plan, based on expert support, can help you develop a solid foundation for your high growth enterprise. We understand the pressures on businesses so most sessions will work around your schedule with the exception of the fixed workshop dates.

“A strong element of the programme is connecting you with like-minded business owners who are on a similar journey and trajectory. It is an opportunity to share, to understand you are not alone, and form friendships for bouncing off ideas and problem-solving solutions.

“We are looking to support the more informed start-up company which has a strong concept and value proposition. Potential high growth businesses will be assessed on the strength of the proposition, the technical skills and knowledge and business acumen of the individual or team.”

Tom Young, Project Manager of Enterprising Worcestershire for Worcestershire County Council, encouraged businesses to get on board with High Growth Activate. Tom said: “Worcestershire has a thriving new business scene, with more companies looking to be based in our region as they shape fresh offerings for their markets. High Growth Activate helps Worcestershire County Council to generate economic growth for the county, creating new jobs and strong new businesses for the future.”

Anyone interested should visit the Rockfine website to find out more: Or you can email Rockfine Managing Director Michelle Dalton