Brexit, lockdowns, and challenge after challenge are coming at you as a Manufacturer. The time is right to pivot, reposition our strengths and bring the West Midlands’ innovative resilience back to the forefront of our industry.

 We can accelerate this renaissance if we approach it from a new angle: getting leaders from manufacturing and the creative industries together for inspiration and problem-solving. Are you ready to explore new insights and ways of working that could add to your bottom line? 

 The Cross-Sector event aims to accelerate the process of coming up with creative answers to some of the industry’s big questions:

  1. How do I engage clients and employees in new and better ways?
  2. What can I do to use technology to enhance my bottom line?
  3. Which way is best to stand out from of my competition?

 Let’s work together to overcome the typical responses of ‘not enough time’, ‘it costs too much’, and ‘we don’t have the team in-house’ and learn best-practice ideas from other industrial sectors.

 Join us for a half-day event bringing together industry leaders from the manufacturing and creative sectors to reach some clever solutions to big challengs.